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  • Anguilla Population and Housing Census Day
  • 6/15/2022 12:00:00 AM
  • Anguilla Population and Housing Census Day
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2.4.1 Agriculture Statistics2.4.1 Agriculture Statistics

Agriculture Statistics includes all agriculture, forestry and fishery related statistics, e.g. agricultural monetary statistics (agricultural economic accounts), trade in agricultural products, agricultural labour input, crop and animal production, agricultural commodities, agro-industry statistics (including food production and safety), organic farming and organic food, government expenditure for agriculture, fishing and forestry, products source and use tables, forest resource assessment and forest fire, fisheries.


Domain: 2 Economic
Theme: 2.4 Sectoral Statistics
Sub-theme: 2.4.1 Agriculture

Information about the data

Field crops production, covers all crops that are reported to and recorded by the Agriculture Department and other farming establishments, however, subsistence farming for personal consumption within households is not captured.

Butcher meat inspections do not account for all animals that are slaughtered, only those that are reported and checked by the Department of Health Protection.

Fishing, captures data from fishermen that reports to the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources and other fishermen, fishing for personal consumption is not captured.


Source: Agriculture Department, Fisheries and Marine Resources, Department of Health Protection
Frequency: Monthly
Available: 1994 - 2022

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