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  • Anguilla Population and Housing Census Day
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  • Anguilla Population and Housing Census Day
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Tourism Statistics give information about Anguilla's tourism industry:
  • Arrivals by type of visitor Tourist (stay-over) visitor and Excursionist (Day-tripper)
  • Country of Residence
  • Length of Stay (Intended length of stay)
  • Passenger arrivals and departures
  • Tourism expenditure
  • Occupancy
  • Other Characteristics of visitors and their travels


Domain: 2
Theme: 2.4 Sectoral Statistics
Category: 2.4.5 Tourism

Information about the data

Latest Releases

September 2022 Tourism Statistics


Source: Immigration Department
Frequency: Monthly
Available: 1993 - 2022
Geographic Coverage: non

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Latest - Key facts

September 2022
  • September 2022 visitor arrivals data showed that 2,725 persons graced Anguilla's shores; an increase of just under six times the corresponding September 2021 figure.
  • Passenger arrivals, which include both visitors and residents for September 2022 totaled 6,915, an increase from the 1,188 arrivals for the corresponding September 2021 period.
  • Tourists (stay-over visitors) to Anguilla for the month of September 2022 totaled 1,395; an increase over its corresponding 2021 figure of 443 arrivals.
  • For this September month under review, there were 1,330 excursionist arrivals, in comparison to one year ago, when zero (0) excursionist arrivals were recorded in the 2021 corresponding 2021 period.


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